can you imagine how much is some car bigger / longer than others? No?
This is the reason why this project originated.

CARSIZE.info graphically and clearly compares vehicle models of various makes.

Just select cars to compare and then use mouse wheel / finger swipe to blend between them.

In our database we have 20 makes, 153 models and 223 variants.
basic control:
button (+): add car to comparison
mouse wheel / finger swipe: blending and choosing between selected vehicles
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most often compared cars:

BMW 2 Series MPV ActiveTourer5 2014-2019 vs Volvo XC40 SUV5 2017-2019
BMW 7 Series VI Sedan4 2016-2019 vs BMW 7 Series VI Sedan Long4 2016-2019
Volkswagen Caddy III VAN 2003-2019 vs Kia Venga MPV5 2009-2019
Volvo XC40 SUV5 2017-2019 vs Kia Niro SUV5 2016-2019
BMW 2 Series MPV ActiveTourer5 2014-2019 vs Toyota RAV4 V SUV5 2018-2019

most frequently selected cars:

Ford Focus II Hatchback5 2004-2011
Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV5 2016-2019
Toyota RAV4 V SUV5 2018-2019
Ford S-Max I MPV5 2006-2015
Mazda CX-5 II SUV5 2017-2019
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